I'm an Interaction Designer based in San Francisco with 4+ years of experience. I've worked with cross-functional Agile teams to ship successful products to global clients in finance, healthcare, education, and business. On these projects, I've led the design work through research, prototyping, testing, and collaborating with developers on implementation. I approach the design process with mindfulness and strategic foresight, aware of the ubiquitous ways in which digital products permeate our lives. 

This September, I completed a masters program in Interaction Design at the California College of the Arts. I wanted to explore the role designers could play as we step into a future that is even more driven by technology, and more socially, culturally, and politically complex. With a background in both engineering and design, I now approach wicked problems through a human-centered lens of systems thinking and sustainability.

I am an optimistic and upbeat person who brings out the synergy in the groups I work with. My parallel passions include climate change advocacy, youth education, and building resilient local communities. I seek and support fellow visionaries as we strive to design a better world.